“We are one body in Christ and individually we belong to each other.” - Romans 12:5

Following Jesus is never a solitary journey - it requires the acceptance, encouragement and accountability of other followers. In the early church (Acts 2:42-47) followers of Jesus BELONGED to one another: eating, praying and serving together. We believe Jesus' impact on our lives isn’t confined to a church building on Sunday, but takes place in our homes throughout the week. Each Life Group meets in living rooms together multiple times each month for a meal, Bible study and prayer. We are not a church that OFFERS Life Groups - we are a church MADE of Life Groups.

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Bridge Steps Courses:
What Is The Nature of God? Winter/Spring 2023
What are God's Purposes for the Body of Christ? Winter/Spring 2023
What is My Purpose in Jesus Christ? Fall 2023
What is The Story of Jesus Christ? Fall 2023
How Can God Help Me Forgive Others? Winter/Spring 2024
How Does God Want To Redeem My Past? Winter/Spring 2024
How Does A Disciple Live? Fall 2024
What Is The Story of God? Fall 2024

Sunday Morning Life Groups:

Cornerstone Life Group (mostly 40-60's) - 10:00a

Sunday mornings are for prayer and in-depth Bible study in an open discussion format.  Several times a year we meet for social and service reasons: meals together, Christmas parties, local missions projects.  This is a FUN group of disciples, trying to grow together in Christ-likeness.

Genesis Life Group (mostly 60+) - 10:00a

Continued Christian growth and fellowship so we don't stagnate. Over 25 plus years we have met socially in season, and will again as we can.

Ignite - Men's LifeGroup
Meets on Thursday's, 7:00-8:00am, for coffee & prayer.

 80s Babies Life Group (early 20s - early 40s) - 10:30a

The 80s Babies Life Group takes a deeper dive into the current sermon series with thoughtful discussion moderated by disciples with a passion for this group.  They meet up socially as well.  The 80s Babies is made up of mostly married couples (with a few single folks) in their very late 20s to very early 40s, some with children, some without.  They rely upon one another to help navigate family, professional and spiritual life together, and they strive to grow in Christlikeness as a group.  The 80s Babies all attend 9a worship so that they can meet in the Signature building next door to the church from 10:30 - 11:30a.  There is nursery care and qualified supervision for children of this Life Group during their time together Sunday mornings.


Take-A-Hike - Women's Adventure Group
Meets many times each month to hike and go on adventures together as well as fellowship and encourage one another.

Born of the global pandemic, Take A Hike continues to safely build meaningful community among women, one outdoor adventure at a time.  We plan several local and regional hikes a month, and we cater to a wide range of skill levels.  No children, No men.  Join us on the trails when you can!

Women at the Well - Women's Life Group

The Women at the Well Life Group is forming throughout the Summer of 2022 and will begin their next book study together in the Fall.  They are meeting socially, for now, in-between travel and vacation schedules, and will meet this Fall on Sunday afternoons, on the church campus, from 4:30 - 5:30 PM.  Women of all ages and stages are welcome!

Home-based Life Groups meet at times convenient for group members. If you would like more information about how to get connected to a Life Group, please email Jessica Lane at!